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C-19 latest government guidance

Latest C-19 government guidance

Every part of England is now in one of three Covid-19 alert levels. Tier 1 is medium, Tier 2 is high and Tier 3 very high. Here’s a summary of what the latest C-19 government guidance means for sport and physical activity:

Free play in Okehampton HEMA session

HEMA returns to Okehampton

It was good to be back together this evening for the first time in six whole months. Carefully managed, as C-19-safe as we could contrive, regulars and visitors kept to the protocol and got back to what we like to do best.

Free play - Danny and Edmund - March 2020

Sessions resume Thursday September 10th

We have confirmation of our booking for the College Gym in the slightly later timeslot 8.30-10pm on Thursdays, commencing September 10th. This may disrupt folks’ mid-evening cocoa, but with booking congestion resulting from lack of other venues around town, this is the lesser evil.

Dartmoor lightning

No Swords in the Park 27th Aug

The worst August in some time continues, with a forecast of thundery showers right around our start time tomorrow. I’m going to call it off now so everyone can plan for not travelling to Okehampton.

Sword: grass, weapon, sword, fauna, soil by wallup

News: Swords in the Park 20th August postponed

Regrettably, the current unsettled weather doesn’t give me a lot of confidence for Swords in the Park tomorrow evening (20th Aug). The park is already very wet, with more rain forecast today and tomorrow afternoon/evening. Safety being paramount, I’m going to call off the session now so nobody travels for nothing.

Highlander - movie copyright Davis-Panzer Productions

Swords in the Park Re-start

As you may have seen, we have guidance from BFHS for restart of sessions. I am sticking with the original plan to resume Swords in the Park on Thursdays from 7.30 until around 9pm, bad light and midges allowing.