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How to Watch a Fencing Bout

Final - Challenge International de Paris 2013-01-26</a> Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia CommonsWhen you watch a fencing bout, what exactly are you looking at?

Newcomers to competition, including parents, partners and even some of the new fencers may find it confusing to watch and, more importantly, understand fencing. It is a fast sport fought in short bouts (fights) according to strict technical rules with little time to analyse or find explanations.

For this non-fencer and newcomer, this is, in summary, how fencing ‘works’. …

Update on sports fencing classes – Summer 2018

OCRA Fencing and Archery Day, Easter 2018As the usual Summer break draws near, it’s worth a quick review of our session structure…

We’re in a transitional phase right now with sports fencing in the Okehampton area; our previous intake of teenagers has moved on to exams and college; I am looking to the best way to re-launch in the Autumn.

The remaining juniors’ session, Tues 5-6pm, is 8-11 yr olds working through British Fencing badges; this I am also looking to re-launch in September. …

Juniors and Adults Fencing for 2018

New for January 2018

Junior fencing sabreJuniors’ Introduction to Olympic Foil

Juniors’ fencing returns to Parklands Leisure centre:

  • Tuesdays, 5-6pm
  • Commencing Jan. 16th
  • Parklands Sports Hall
  • 4-week short course
  • Ages 8-14yrs
  • Equipment provided
  • £20
  • Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or

Adults Introduction to Epée – the Spirit of the Duel!Hants epee final

  • Tuesdays, 7-8pm
  • Commencing Jan. 16th
  • Okehampton College Drama Studio
  • 4-week short course
  • Ages 15yrs+
  • Equipment provided
  • £20
  • Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or

Historical SwordplayRapier and Dagger sparring

  • Thursdays 8-9.30pm
  • Re-commencing Jan. 11th
  • Okehampton Baptist Church
  • Continuing rapier, longsword, sword and buckler
  • Ages 16yrs+
  • Equipment provided
  • £6 per session
  • See more at
  • Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or