Benefits of fencing to children

Parklands Juniors fencingFencing is very much an individual sport and over the years we have seen time and again the fencing attracts many of those children who turn away from the main stream team sports, those who can’t run, throw, catch or kick, those who aren’t natural athletes in group environments.

Give them a sword, however, and something fires their imagination.

Even as an individual sport, fencing is physical, active and demanding. It helps develop physical dexterity, co-ordination, spacial awareness and tactical thinking. As a martial art, it provides an outlet for getting out aggression in a safe and controlled environment, a great leveller in which sheer speed or power don’t confer automatic advantage.

Fencing helps children to develop their attention span and decision-making abilities. Because fencing it is an individual sport, the fencer learns to take personal responsibility for their success or failure.

The spirit of fair play and honour is an integral part of fencing. A maxim of politeness and consideration is always observed while competing with others.

It is also a sport for life, a talking point and an advertisement for a distinctive, determined and resilient personality.