1st Okehampton Scouts 2020

WDS at Okehampton Scouts

We paid a return visit to 1st Okehampton Scouts this week; 24 scouts in two sessions with full metal kit in not the largest hut; no incidents and a fun time had by all. We’ll see them again in the Easter term for a little light archery.

WDS at Yr 6 Multi-skills Sept 2019

Multi-skills for schools September 2019

It’s September, it’s a new term and in second-Summer sunshine, it’s multi-skills time again! WDS took the school’s fencing roadshow to Simmons Park on Wednesday for the Year 6 Adventure Day, with around 100 Okehampton children and some very keen, thoughtful fencing.

Image: Grade Two passes: Todd Rook and Brendan Miles

OCRA Juniors advance

Further congratulations to Todd Rook and Brendan Miles (pictured) who achieved British Fencing Grade Two Foil just before our Summer break. Well-drilled after going through the grade one and two syllabus back-to-back, it was a pass with honours, just in time to put weapons down for the first round of Summer weather.