This block: Leckuchner’s Messer

German MesserWe’re back this Thursday, February 27th with a five week block of Leckuchner’s Messer.

A single-edged, single handed, bladed weapon, with a short cross-guard held in place by a spike or ‘nail’, the Messer, or knife, was cutting weapon more like a falchion than a traditional sword. Made in a variety of shapes and sizes, it was a common side arm across the middle and lower classes of Medieval Europe.

Johannes Leck├╝chner was a 15th century priest and fencer from Nuremberg who produced fencing manuals
for the gro├čes Messer (large knife), 1478 and 1482, leaving us some of the largest volumes of instruction to survive into the present day. It is a complex system, steeped in the fighting techniques of the previous century.