Essential Fencing Equipment Guide (2013)

Weapons - foil, epee, sabreOur Essential Fencing Equipment Guide is now updated.

For those thinking of buying their own kit this season, the guide to basic fencing kit has been revised for 2013.

It outlines the items you’ll need, the suggested order of purchase if you’re not going for a starter kit, and a couple of suggestions of suppliers you might want to try. …

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What do I wear for fencing?

Masterclass - footworkWear suitable clothing as for any kind of anaerobic sport. That means:

  • Trainers (not outdoor shoes) with some grip
  • Loose-fitting trousers (not tight denims or shorts); you need the legs covered, but you also need to stretch and bend
  • Any top will do as long as you can get a fencing jacket over it. Crop tops are not recommended as fencing jackets sometimes ride up and expose skin at the sides
  • Bear in mind that fencing is a sport which involves layers of safety clothing and you WILL sweat even in winter!

Think about bringing a towel, a change of clothes and even a drinks bottle.

The club reserves the right to turn away anyone dressed inappropriately for fencing.

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