Swords in the Park Re-start

Highlander - movie copyright Davis-Panzer ProductionsAs you may have seen, we have guidance from BFHS for restart of sessions.

I am sticking with the original plan to resume Swords in the Park on Thursdays from 7.30 until around 9pm, bad light and midges allowing.

But not this Thursday as there is a forecast of thunderstorms and I don’t fancy standing in a field holding a three-foot lightning conductor. The Highlander re-boot can wait.

Which gives us a date of 20 Aug. Face masks under fencing masks will still be required.

If you are planning to attend under the current circumstances, please let me know as hanging around alone in a park with a collection of swords is often frowned upon by the local constabulary.


Image credit: Highlander – Davis-Panzer Productions