OCRA Summer School 2014

West Devon Swords recently ran four taster sessions for the OCRA Summer School in Okehampton.

Pirate Peril at OCRA Gala

Captain Jack and Scarlett Brigantine (alias club coaches Robin Catling and Vicki Pritchard) threw caution to the wind in a deadly combat for…

Épée and Sabre

West Devon Swords is setting up beginners classes in épée and sabre, which anyone can learn safely with the proper teaching. Would-be duellists…

Questions Updated

New to fencing? Start here. Our frequently asked questions page has been updated. If there’s something we haven’t covered, please contact us.

New to Fencing: Start Here

What is fencing? Modern fencing is a martial art derived from older forms of duelling with swords. The objective is to hit your…