WDS Fencing and Archery day 2017

Fencing age groups

Youth fencing is usually divided up by age bands. The age of a fencer is normally taken as at Jan 1st in the current year, so if a fencer has not reached their 14th birthday on Jan 1st they are considered Under 14 for the whole of that year.

Some schools’ competitions use a similar system, but based on September 1st, in keeping with the school calendar.

Children under the age of 8 are not normally allowed to compete.

Fencers under 17 are referred to as Cadets and those under 20 are called Juniors. Lots
of competitions also use other age-groups, like under 11 or under 13, but these don’t have specific names.

Fencers over 40 may qualify for veterans competitions. There is no upper age limit.