Image: WDS Dagger Defender game

Blocks, locks and a few smoking disarms

Image: WDS Dagger Defender gameWe’re winding up the current half term session of Fiore dagger. Last night we played a game we’ve named Dagger Defender, based on something we borrowed from the Italians: one defender, three assailants, two daggers and a Fiore response to a surprise attack.

The assailants have one dagger between them, the defender has their own. The assailants approach the defender who doesn’t know which one has the dagger. It’s up to the defender how they deal with the threat. Some stood their ground; some went on the move to outflank the assailants and narrow the odds; some decided to get their retaliation in first and go on the attack (pictured).

Next week, Oct 17, we finish Fiore dagger for now and break for half term. When we come back on Oct 31, we return to Saviolo sidesword.