Hands on – Hanwei Federschwert

Hanwei Practical Fencing Longsword (Federschwert)The cheapest (practical) entry-level feder I know of in the UK, we picked up a pair of these about three years ago when we finally made the move from nylon wasters to steel.

There’s no question, the feel of steel over polypropylene makes a world of difference to your technique – steel doesn’t bounce or slide, it binds. Admittedly blunt feders behave far differently to a sharp, but that is still a world better than a poorly balanced nylon plank. …

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Hands On – Kingston Arms Club Sport Federschwert

Kingston Arms Club Sport FederThe Kingston Arms Club Sport Feder is pitched as an affordable (i.e. ‘entry-level’) weapon for clubs, beginners and “even seasoned practitioners”. It fits the bill for a reasonably light, quick, safe sparring sword for HEMA longsword sparring at an entry-level price. …

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First look – Red Dragon Concepts Federschwert

Image: Red Dragon Concepts FederschwertThe Knight Shop, under its in-house equipment brand Red Dragon, has finally produced the first batch of it’s long-promised customisable federschwert for public sale.

After several years development, Red Dragon’s component-based HEMA training weapon has emerged from its Eastern European partner’s forge and is on sale through The Knight/HEMA/Sword Shop for a bargain opening offer price of £150. …

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