We’re back with longsword in 2020

WDS at Okehampton CastleTo those who missed us last week, we are back for another block of longsword this Thursday 16th Jan, with beginners welcome to join the old hands. Running through to the half-term holidays, this will be five weeks of Fiore’s Italian longsword to 13th Feb. See you at Okehampton College gym at 8pm.

Sparring Saviolo

Saviolo sparring Dec 2019…or at least that was the intention. Some of it looks like the treatise, some of it… not.

Note to self, when blocking with the off hand, be sure the thrust you’re blocking is actually a thrust and not a cut…

Let the Saviolo flow

WDS Saviolo 21 Nov 2019This week’s session finished with our first attempt at a Saviolo flow drill that didn’t always,er, flow.

Intended to bed in the techniques from Saviolo’s rapier/sidesword treatise, the continuous flow of counters proved tricky to keep up. In this case, instead of keeping moving at a counter-attacking measure, everyone kept closing in to grappling range (after Fiore), which isn’t necessarily wrong, just not the exercise we aimed for. …

Newcomers hands on with sidesword

Saviolo sidesword November 2019Our current Saviolo sidesword block continues as we get to grips with close measure cut and thrust with off hand parries.

And as we try to get everyone on the same page, we have two new members this session taking a remarkably mature approach to class and a first sparring experience.