FIE World Fencing Day 2017

“Solidarity” the theme of World Fencing Day

FIE World Fencing Day 2017The International Fencing Federation (FIE) announced the theme for the 2017 World Fencing Day will be ‘Solidarity’, to be recognized on Saturday, September 9.

This International day of fencing emphasizes ‘Fencing Together, Universal Fencing’. The FIE is promoting worldwide participation in its theme, encouraging fencing country federations, confederations, athletes, schools, clubs, and others to join in the festivities and activities.

There will be events across the World including the UK, from demonstrating fencing in public spaces and giving kids a chance to try fencing themselves in the FIE ‘Have a Go’ program, or helping to collect donations of used, good-quality fencing equipment and organizing donating them to those who cannot afford it. The goal overall is to bring as many people together around the world to experience the sport.

In one of those twists of fate, West Devon Swords is attending a non-fencing event on Sept 9th, but look out for announcements of our upcoming classes this Autumn.

You can also find fencing via the British Fencing website or ask your local authority sports department.