OCRA Gala Performance 2014

Pirate Peril at OCRA Gala

Captain Jack and Scarlett Brigantine (alias club coaches Robin Catling and Vicki Pritchard) threw caution to the wind in a deadly combat for the OCRA Charity Gala this Christmas.

The gala show, in aid of the OCRA Pavilion in the Park, had the pair as the opening act, a surprise package of gymnastics, comedy and sword skills in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The choreographed routine used modern fencing sabres for their light weight and speed, but called on classical fighting techniques, into which Pritchard and Catling inserted vaults, rolls, kicks and punches.

In a nod to old swashbuckling movies, there was the obligatory leap over a cutting blade, followed by an audible gasp from the audience as Pritchard leapt from the box onto a trampette into a full somersault.

Meanwhile, Catling drew smiles as a would-be Johnny Depp, goofing about in mock-drunken antics, putting film and stage skills to good use. It may be the first routine ever to use a toasting fork as an improvised weapon.

The smart money is on Zorro, or the Musketeers if there’s an encore next year.