Juniors coaching

Juniors Coaching and Development Plan

Juniors coachingUnder the Coaching and Development Plan 2009, we now run our Juniors sessions along the following lines:

  • Please note the given start time for each session and arrive promptly

The new format will consist of:

  • 5-10 min warm-up (no kit)
  • 5-10 min footwork (no kit)

(kit on)

  • 20 min group lesson: technique and tactics, blade-work
  • 1 hour individual lessons (we will be maintaining a lesson register for 1-to-1′s to ensure fairness
  • BFA Gradings
  • ‘House League’ bouts (with an end of term points system)
  • freeplay / preparation for competitions

We have several aims in doing this:

  • Make more productive use of the time we have with Juniors
  • Beginners achieve minimum of BFA Grade 1 foil before admission to club membership.
  • Ensure all Juniors can attend any club or age competition in the country and be of a standard for their age group
  • Set-up and maintain lesson register for 1-to-1′s
  • Begin ‘House teams’ competition in preparation for age-group competitions

As Club policy we put new beginners through the 6-week course to qualify for membership before joining the main session.