Fencing mask

General Safety Rules

Fencing maskFinally, a few common sense precautions, although they apply to all, they are directed more to the younger fencer whose enthusiasm and exuberance is sometimes difficult to control!

  • First, NEVER wave the weapon about in front of people who aren’t wearing masks.
  • NEVER turn your back an the person you are fencing, this leaves the neck and back of the head exposed. In competition this is illegal and you will be penalised.
  • NEVER remove your mask in the middle of a fight expecting your opponent to stop without warning The recognised way to stop a fight is to hold up your unarmed hand, palm facing your opponent, and step backward. Do this BEFORE you take off your mask.
  • Finally NEVER, NEVER slash at your opponent with your sword; this serves no purpose except to injure. There is no warning or penalty, you will be disqualified from a competition or banned from fencing for dangerous behaviour.
  • Remember, fencing is fun, providing you PLAY IT SAFE.