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Newcomers hands on with sidesword

Saviolo sidesword November 2019Our current Saviolo sidesword block continues as we get to grips with close measure cut and thrust with off hand parries.

And as we try to get everyone on the same page, we have two new members this session taking a remarkably mature approach to class and a first sparring experience.

Hands on – Hanwei Federschwert

Hanwei Practical Fencing Longsword (Federschwert)The cheapest (practical) entry-level feder I know of in the UK, we picked up a pair of these about three years ago when we finally made the move from nylon wasters to steel.

There’s no question, the feel of steel over polypropylene makes a world of difference to your technique – steel doesn’t bounce or slide, it binds. Admittedly blunt feders behave far differently to a sharp, but that is still a world better than a poorly balanced nylon plank. …

First look – Red Dragon Concepts Federschwert

Image: Red Dragon Concepts FederschwertThe Knight Shop, under its in-house equipment brand Red Dragon, has finally produced the first batch of it’s long-promised customisable federschwert for public sale.

After several years development, Red Dragon’s component-based HEMA training weapon has emerged from its Eastern European partner’s forge and is on sale through The Knight/HEMA/Sword Shop for a bargain opening offer price of £150. …