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Art of Foil Fencing 2nd Edition now on Amazon

Book: The Art of Foil FencingThe second edition of The Art of Foil Fencing by Roy Stocks, edited by Robin Catling, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Updated and re-formatted for easier reading on paper and on screen, this edition of The Art of Foil Fencing is available Internationally for the first time.

We still have some copies of the lay-flat paperback First Edition available for UK customers from Proactivity Press at the reduced price of £5.00 plus postage.

What defines an attack?

Pan American Games, Wilson Dias/Abr via Wikimedia CommonsBy Robin Catling.

According to Article t.7 (old 10) of the FIE rules of competition, “the attack is the initial offensive action made by extending the arm and continuously threatening the opponent’s target.”

A threatening action is one that will hit the opponent if no defensive action is taken. A threat means moving towards the target. Trajectory complicates matters as for indirect (compound) attacks or those of a cutting action, the trajectory may not be smooth or in a single line. …

Federation Schools Multi-skills for Summer 2019

As the second half of the Summer term rolls around, West Devon Swords is out at the Devon Federation Schools annual sports jamboree, the Federation Schools Multi-skills 2019Multi-skills Festival for primary age pupils.

Hosted once again at Whitchurch Cricket Club, the outfield becomes a circuit for a collection of different sports, with each group of 9-20 pupils rotating through all the sports in the course of a morning or afternoon. …

Fencing in the Ancient World

Egyptian stick fighting
Egyptian stick fighting

The word “Carma” coming from Sanskrit refers to fencing in ancient times. The modern word “Escrime” is used to signify the art of “touching without being touched,”

Mankind has a history of fighting and conflict. People have tried to compensate for their physical weakness by inventing weapons to defend against or conquer animals and other humans. Weapons developed from wood, stone and then metal, lead man to try to perfect methods of combat; to maximize their most effective strengths and skills for both offence and defence – the art of fencing. …