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Pappenheimer III Teardrop Ring rapier

The length of a rapier

By Robin Catling. A favourite topic amongst beginners and enthusiasts alike: how long is a rapier? How long should it be? Is there an optimal length? Does the length of the rapier matter or is it what you do with it…? Let’s start with a fundamental question: what is a rapier?

Childrens' fitness

Physical Conditioning for Fencing by Matt Kearns

Notes from the conditioning session given by Matt Kearns of Solent University at Lymington Walhampton Fencing Club in April. Muscular tightness restricts your body’s ability to move. Identify where you may be tight! If you find muscles that are tight then consider performing specific static stretches to lengthen them. These can be done multiple times …

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Baz epee shoulder flick - wikimedia commons_400_225

Why fencing?

If team sports, bat, ball and racquet are not your thing, the antidote is fencing. Modern-day duelling in a competitive sport: a physical game of chess a science an art where nerve and mental agility count more than strength… Contents: A modern sport Technique Safety first Ancient art – modern sport From ‘steam’ to electric …

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How is modern fencing different from the “real thing”?

Different people mean different things by “real” fencing. For some, “real” fencing is a duel with sharp swords and lives on the line. Other than the fear/courage factor, the primary technical difference here is that with live blades you only need to hit your opponent once, and therefore only require one good move (which explains …

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