Beginner’s Longsword Starting June 10th

Beginner's Longsword starting June 10thWe’re opening up our class in Beginner’s Longsword starting June 10th. Forget Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Vikings, this is the genuine art of the sword…

This 6-week course is an introduction to the Medieval Italian fighting system of Fiore dei Liberi (“Fiore”). This is an Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA class) where historical manuals form the base for the curriculum.

The course begins with footwork, movement and bio-mechanics. Moving on to guards, cuts and parries, classes will cover some of the set-plays of the original source material.

Full equipment will be provided for use during the course, but each participant should bring suitable clothing and footwear for a moderate exercise class. Until Covid restrictions are fully lifted, please continue to wear face coverings.

Classes will run for 6 weeks from June 10th, at Okehampton College Gym, 8.30-10.00pm, costing £42 for the block. Minimum age is 16yrs.

To reserve your place please contact or call 07956 409818.