Essential Info: sessions and venues

West Devon Swords has a range of classes for the following activities:

Sports Fencing – Juniors  •  Sportsfencing – Adults  •  Historical Swordplay

OCRA Juniors – Summer recess

LWFC sabre masterclassThe OCRA Juniors fencing session is now on recess.

Meanwhile, we will be appearing at multi-skills festivals and school sports days, as well as the OCRA Holiday Activities scheme in Okehampton.

Adults Introduction to Epée – the Spirit of the Duel!Hants epee final

  • Please register your interest for upcoming courses
  • 4-week short course
  • Ages 15yrs+
  • Equipment provided
  • Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or

Historical SwordplayRapier and Dagger sparring

  • Thursdays 8-9.30pm
  • Okehampton Baptist Church
  • Continuing rapier, longsword, sword and buckler
  • Ages 16yrs+
  • Equipment provided
  • £6 per session
  • See more at
  • Contact: Robin Catling 07956 409818 or

We will be studying and applying techniques from historical manuals; the class will be no more demanding than a moderate physical exercise class; size, strength or agility are not limiting factors for this beginners’ class.

Light protective equipment (fencing jackets, masks, gloves, chest protectors and arm-guards) will be provided for use in class.

Please note this is the study of historical combat techniques, it is NOT re-enactment, stage combat, LARP or other role-playing. Please see our post ‘What is HEMA’ for further information. Safe training and sparring is our primary concern. See our post: HEMA – is it safe?

Reply by email to, use our contact form, or call 07956 409818 to reserve your place.

Please pass on to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested.

For further information on historical swordplay, please go to: